May 2023

In the May 2023 release, we are glad to inform you on launching Email and phone risk assessment, as well as boosting the Transaction monitiring processes in the context of Client Lists, Builder, and Expression Guide.

Email and phone risk assessment

A powerful screening solution that collects data on applicants and generates a risk verdict, enabling you to assess risks associated with provided email addresses and phone numbers and make more informed decisions.

Here's what you can achieve with this feature:

  • Use it as a Pre-KYC check and save money by only paying for genuine users.
  • Minimize the risk of fraud with customizable risk labels.
  • Get access to raw data to improve your in-house risk assessment models.

If you’d like to test this feature and enhance your pre-screening process, contact us at [email protected].

Transaction monitoring

  • Expressions Guide is live. The complete guide explains all the properties available for creating rules. All the available properties are gathered in one doc, including risk score labels, cross-match labels, and crypto check signals.
  • The fuzzy similarity is now available in the Rule Builder. Checks fuzzy similarity of the applicant name and full name with the new expression function personNamesFuzzyIncompatible. This function returns true if there is no similarity or it's low. E.g. Stüber Schäfler and Schaefler Stueber returns false. This feature will help you reduce the number of false positive alerts and boost your team’s efficiency.
  • Introducing upgraded Client Lists. Once you install a rule with some lists, you will see all the available lists and can edit them.

Some of the lists are already pre-filled. You can customize them as needed. For example, there are lists with FATF red flag countries and FATF Grey flag countries.

Database Verification

Validate more documents through a government database:

  • Malaysian Passports, ID Cards and Driving Licenses
  • National ID card of Kenya
  • PAN card of India