July 2023

Check out the latest updates on a crucial address verification revamp, conduct the Non-doc check in Netherlands, and calculate a potential level of the threat during the onboarding stage.

Transaction monitoring

Applicant Onboarding Risk Score is now available.

This score is calculated based on the Transaction Monitoring module (based on the phone, email, and IP risk labels, as well as the multiple cross-checks of the applicant data described in the Onboarding rules) and will allow you to quickly understand the threat level each applicant poses.

Proof of Address

With these new changes coming into play, we have added additional flexibility of settings for individual countries:

  • Now it is possible to customize PoA steps using presets. You can also now select which Proof of Address subtypes to accept for each country or level. For instance, you can choose to accept mobile bills as PoA specifically in Brazil.
  • You can create Proof of Address presets, allowing you to edit a bunch of PoA settings and reuse them later for different levels.
  • The Document Validity setting is now available for each document type separately.

Non-Doc Verification

Non-Doc Verification is now available for the Netherlands. All that’s required from users is to log in to their bank account and share personal data.

97% of the Netherlands' adult population can now be onboarded using this method, while the good-old document-based verification approach is still at your disposal for enhanced checks.

More European countries will have this feature available soon.

Workflow Builder

Now it is possible to see the percent distribution of applicants among nodes.

It is also possible to use the presence of the Machine Reading Zone (MRZ) on a document as a condition for further actions.