December 2023

In this release, we have delivered new risk signals on the Crypto transaction page and added support for new cryptocurrencies. We have also released Global Database Verification — instant, doc-free checks for address, identity, and age Verification in 45+ countries. The Dashboard charts have been improved and Nigeria Business verification is now available through CAC.

Crypto Monitoring

New risk signals on the Crypto Transaction page

We've modified the risk signals displayed when a crypto address is shown. Now you’ll not only see the services or entities the wallet is exposed to, but also the services to which the wallet has no exposure (shown as having 0% exposure).

Transaction reports now include the percentage exposure under the Source of Funds Check for crypto transactions

Support for new cryptocurrencies

We’ve integrated a second provider to support over 500 cryptocurrencies. The complete list of all supported cryptocurrencies can be found here.

Database Verification

Ready to elevate your onboarding? Start using Sumsub’s Global Database Verification—instant, doc-free checks for address, identity, and age Verification in 45+ countries. Boost pass rates, prevent errors, and tackle fraud in <5 secs on average.

Reduce address verification to seconds while increasing pass rates by 37%. Seamlessly integrate Sumsub into your flows for pre-, post-, or fallback verification. Be the first to transform your onboarding game!

To implement Global Database Verification as part of your existing KYC flow, contact [email protected]..

You can also find more info here.


Selfie Type Indicator

Now, you can quickly identify the type of selfie used without searching through levels. This information is conveniently displayed on the Applicants List and Levels, making it easier to manage and understand.

New design for statistical charts

What changed:

  • Simplified visuals. Charts now align seamlessly with our design language.
  • Time intervals. Previously, you could only view charts for the last month, day, and hour. The updated intervals now include the following:
    • Hour
    • Day
    • Week
    • Month
    • Quarter
    • Year
  • Detailed time. When selecting the hour or day interval, hours and minutes will now be displayed alongside the date.
  • Should you choose a custom period in the calendar, the interval will be labelled as "Custom". Important note: The data within the charts remains unaffected.

Business Verification

Nigeria Business verification is now available through CAC

The service enables you to verify Nigerian businesses using company names and registration numbers via the Corporate Affairs Commission database (CAC).