March 2023

In this release, we are introducing a new feature for working with crypto — Travel Rule Solution and celebrating the revamp of the applicant page which from now ensures more smooth logic and navigation.

Travel Rule solution

Are you working in crypto? Then you probably know that the Travel Rule now applies to crypto transactions. We know that this regulation can be a challenge, and it’s becoming mandatory in one country after another.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce Sumsub’s Travel Rule solution designed to easily detect VASP-to-VASP payments and make data transfers smooth and compliant.

To get a demo, visit this link.


Revamped applicant page:

  • New design. Easier to follow and more streamlined.
  • Enhanced navigation. A new layout to simplify information gathering and understanding applicant status.
  • Manual check logic. Updated manual check sequence.



You will still be able to turn on the old version.