January 2024

In this release, we have added support for the Turkish language to the WebSDK and enhanced the Dashboard usability for clients with multiple client IDs.


Turkish language support has been added to WebSDK

Check out this article to see all the languages supported by our SDKs.


Enhanced Dashboard Usability for Clients with Multiple Client_IDs

We’re thrilled to enhance usability for clients managing multiple Client_IDs. Now, you can utilize multiple Client_IDs to assign individual aliases to each identifier.

Seamlessly identify and differentiate between various Client_IDs, to optimize the dashboard experience and increase efficiency. This feature empowers you with multiple Client_IDs to streamline navigation and access, providing you with a more intuitive and personalized interface to manage your diverse requirements effectively.

Go to Settings -> Business Information and set an alias for the key.

Workflow Builder

  • We’ve added a collection of AML match statuses to workflow conditions. Now it’s possible to delegate for manual review all the cases when there are potential matches and no true positive matches.
  • Now it’s possible to use buttons for Final Rejection nodes with messages included.