Getting production access

How we can get access to production?

To make sure everything works smoothly for both you and your users, we need to test the flow of your system from the user's perspective before giving you access to the production environment. To do this, we need you to share a link to your server/platform/app with us.

Ensure that:

  • Integration on the sandbox environment is completed, works and meets your requirements
  • There are no dev console errors or warnings
  • You saved our applicantIds to your database and matched your users
  • You received and successfully processed test webhooks from our side
  • You know how to correlate results received in the webhook payload with your users\

Note that we may send several final webhooks, so be prepared to change the user's status on your side accordingly. A typical example is when a user got approved, but later on he was detected as a fraudster, and therefore we block him with a second RED webhook.

How to successfully move to production?

Provide us with information on expected amount of incoming users per hour/day/month if possible.

Note that settings will not be transferred from test environment to production automatically. So do not forget to: