API issues

I'm getting a 405 Method not allowed error

Make sure that you use a correct HTTP verb. E.g. you don't use GET where POST is needed. Also, as a rule of thumb, specify the -H Accept:application/json HTTP header, which makes sense in most cases, unless you are getting binary content like images or PDFs.

I'm getting a 415 Unsupported media type error

Make sure that you use the correct headers provided for the expected return type (in most cases -H Accept:application/json HTTP header) and if you are making a POST request you specify, e.g. -H Content-Type:application/json or -H Content-Type:multipart/form-data headers.

I'm getting a 401 error code

Make sure that all authorization headers have been provided as described in this section, an app token was created and used on the same environment (sandbox or production), signature encoded value matches request content, your timestamp matches UTC and was set in seconds not ms.

Do you have a service status page?

Yes, you may check our uptime history and current service status at the Sumsub Status page.