Review transactions

Check your transactions and make a review decision.

To review transactions:

  1. In the Dashboard, open the Transactions page.
  2. Click a transaction record and review its details. Each transaction comprises fields that may vary, depending on the transaction and applicant type. In the transaction body, you will also see the list of matched rules.
  3. Manage results as necessary.

Review AML cases

AML cases show watchlist screening matches in applicants and counterparties triggered by the AML rules during monitoring.

To see the AML entries, in the Dashboard, open the AML cases page.

Review transaction events

Events log any activities on transaction status change. Every time a transaction receives a new status, such an event is saved for future references.

To see the events, in the Dashboard, open the Events page.

Each event is mapped to the associated applicant and transaction, so that you can quickly open an applicant profile or transaction card for more details.

Review analytics

Analytics help you get a bird's-eye view of your applicant’s financial activity and make informed decisions regarding questionable transactions.

To view analytical information about your applicants' transactions:

  1. In the Dashboard, open the Transactions page and select any transaction.
  2. Open the Analytics tab to see the full transaction history for the selected user and specify the period to display the analytical data.

For financial transactions, you can review such information as: Transactions volume, Transactions count, Transactions count by status, and the Transactions volume for the specified period as a graph.

For gambling bets, you can review such information as: Gross gambling revenue, Profit/Loss, Total bonus sum, Transactions volume, and Total bet volume.

The information should be interpreted in the following manner:

Data TypeDescription
Transactions volumeThe amount of money sent, received, or withdrawn by the user.
Transactions countThe number of transactions performed within the specified period.
Transactions count by statusThe number of approved, declined, or suspended transactions split by direction.
Gross gambling revenueThe sum of the gaming revenue after extracting the player's wins and bonuses.
Profit/LossThe difference between the player’s deposit and the sun they withdrew.
Total bonus sumIssued bonuses.
Total bet volumeThe sum of the initial bet.



All the sums are displayed in the default currency specified in the General settings.

Make decision

You can make a decision by changing the transaction status after thoroughly analyzing the transaction data.

To change the transaction status, select any of the following actions from the kebab menu on the right of the transaction record:

  • Approve/Reject. Lets you change the transaction status. Alternatively, you can use this API method.
  • Assign. Lets you assign the transaction to the dedicated compliance officer. Once assigned, the transaction will appear in the Assigned to me queue that belongs to the selected officer.
  • Assign to me. Lets you change the transaction assignee to yourself and review the transaction manually in case you are the only person possessing the required expertise.
  • Awaiting user. Lets you suspend the transaction until some applicant information is received, e.g. you are waiting for a cryptocurrency exchange to confirm the counterparty data, an applicant passes the Liveness & Face match check or provides requested documents.
  • Put on hold. Lets you suspend the transaction in case you need extra time or assistance to provide the final verdict.
  • Re-score. Lets you recalculate the transaction risk score based on the additional information or adjusted rules. Alternatively, you can use this API method.
  • Delete. Lets you permanently delete the selected transaction and all information related to it.