Get started

Start using the non-doc solution as fast as it works.

To get started with Non-Doc Verification:

  1. Enable Non-Doc Verification and configure verification settings by reaching out to your Customer Success Manager or Support team.
  2. Create a verification level with a Doc-free verification step.
  3. Set up WebSDK or MobileSDKs integration. Our SDK handles the whole process — validation of the data provided by the applicant, Liveness & Face match upload, and requesting an applicant check. You can also use our API.
  4. Enjoy conducting non-documentary verification.

API integration

Set up API integration as described in our API guide and go through the following steps:

  1. Create an applicant with the levelName parameter associated with the level created for Non-Doc Verification.
  2. Submit the applicant data for the Doc-free step. If the data format is valid, you will receive the Completed status. If not, you will receive the 9100 error code and the applicant should resubmit their data.
  3. Confirm the applicant data.
  4. Upload a selfie by adding the ID document API request with idDocType: "SELFIE".
  5. Request an applicant check and receive verification results.